From Football to Fashion…

Our designer and one of the creator’s here at Raissa Chineo, Federica Chinello (but we call her Chine) discovered her passion for designing later in life. She grew up playing football, soccer, calcio (whatever you want to call it!). Obviously, a popular sport here in Italy! So what changed? I caught up with Chine to find out… She explained it to me in Italian but for simplicity sake I’ll write it in english! 

I needed a pair of my pants fixed, so I asked my mom to fix them, like I always do. We never took things to the tailor to get fixed, my mom or my nonna (an Italian grandmother) would fix our clothes. A week or so had passed by and my mom still hadn’t fixed my pants. So I went to my mom and said, “Can you fix these pants please, I’ve been waiting for a week now!” My mom being busy with work and having better things to do than fix my pants responded, “You’re old enough, take the sewing machine and fix them yourself!” So at 26 I would sew my first piece of clothing. My mom put the needle and the string in the sewing machine. She explained to me 'this is how you go forward', and 'this is how you go back'. In fifteen minutes I had fixed my pants, but more so, I had fell in love. It felt like the first time driving again, it was such a great sensation. I started fixing all my pants, turning the necks of my t-shirts into scoop necks, really just sewing anything I could get my hands onto. I was living in Verona playing football, but every Wednesday I came home to Padua. And every Wednesday my Nonna Eva would teach me everything I needed to know about sewing: different patterns, what types of strings work best with different fabrics and she even gave me her old fabrics to start designing with. A year later I would quit football and dedicate my time to designing. The first thing I ever made was a t-shirt with a pocket, which was very fashionable at the time. Six-month later I would present my first mini-collection to my friends. And soon after we would come together and Raissa would be born! I’ve come a long way from using Nonna Eva’s old fabrics, but I still call her whenever I need help!


This story had me smiling! It is one of the many reasons I felt an immediate connection with the Raissa brand and group. I knew I needed to be a part of it. Although Raissa Chineo is a new brand it has it’s own history just like most everything in Italy. Our history comes from traditions passed on from generation to generation. Made in Italy clothing has been a mark of quality for decades and this is the foundation of Raissa Chineo. We are more than a brand, we are more than a story, together we create something more. 


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