A friendship of a lifetime...

Flora Bonafini (Flo) and Federica Vilio (Fede) are two of the founders here at Raissa Chineo. Their friendship has a special dynamic. That of a friendship that has existed for a lifetime, although surprisingly, they’ve only known each other since 2006. They have that type of friendship that within a minute of being around the two it’s obvious they are best friends. So I decided to ask the two to describe one and other, here’s what they had to say about each other! 

First, having a little bit of difficulty with a somewhat awkward question to answer, they told me just some simple facts (that I actually found quite interesting!). They were born in the same hospital and their grandparents had vineyards next to each other. Something a city girl like me is not accustomed to. 

Finally, we managed to get to the good stuff! Flo when describing Fede said she knows how to do everything and she is a very open person. Then Fede jumped in to explain, “by everything she means everything social.” “And she knows how to explain to people what I’m thinking,” said Flo. Laughing and joking around together, as per usual. Flo continued to explain we don’t speak a lot to one and other because we don’t need to, we don’t judge each other and we like to go out together. “So basically I am her favorite bar friend,” again Fede is unable to resist clarifying Flo’s thoughts. 

Then I had Fede describe Flo. She is a person who understands a lot about everything, she helps build others’ self-esteem, she is protective, she is generous and trustworthy. She has a lot of characteristics that I don’t have, so we compliment each other well. But she isn’t intelligent or educated! Again both can't help but laugh and have a good time! 

Their friendship is something special. As they were describing one and other you could tell how much they mean to each other. They laugh, they joke, they go out and have fun, but their friendship is so much more than that. They both agree, it is a friendship that will carry on for the rest of their lives. Anyone who knows them would not argue otherwise. 

They finished with a favorite story of theirs, that I think sums them up well. They had decided to go on a weekend trip together. They had no plan, no money, just a car. Their ‘weekend trip’ turned into a 15 day long trip across Italy! They picked up one of their friends in Tuscany and went onwards to another friends house. The next day they put their friend on the train back to her house and they carried on forwards. Every day saying, “Maybe we’ll go back tomorrow…” And for two weeks the never did! 

Their friendship is a big part of the soul of Raissa Chineo. They bring a life, a spontaneity, a love for travel that is carried through the brand. We are friendship, we are fashion, we are more than a story!

Pipo is their nickname for one and other. It has no meaning just a cute nickname! Individually they are Pipo but together they are Pipi!

Pipo is their nickname for one and other. It has no meaning just a cute nickname! Individually they are Pipo but together they are Pipi!

Madison Solow