The difference between a picture and a photo...


These photos show the story of a lifetime within themselves. A life that I am fortunate enough to be familiar with. The child grown into young lady in the photos is Sara Capovilla (we call her Capo), the photographer and one of the founders here at Raissa Chineo. A Venetian native, but now a Verona resident, I decided to find out what attracted her to photography.

A photo taken by Photographic Journalist Paolo Pellegrin, that had an immediate impact on Capo.

A photo taken by Photographic Journalist Paolo Pellegrin, that had an immediate impact on Capo.


As someone who has seen Capo at a shooting, while taking pictures, she is truly in her element. It looks nature and you can tell it’s not work, but rather something she loves. So where does this love for photography come from? At first, she casually says, “Photography is something I’ve always loved and it came natural to me.” But there had to be more than that. And there was… “I remember when I was really little that my family would every so often take a night all together to look through old photos. It was different than it is now. Photos weren’t so easily shared and weren’t always on hand. It took purpose to go back and go through them. My dad would put up the photos he had taken on the wall and we would go through them all together. They were photos we had already seen, but it was nice to look through them again and rethink about those memories. Those nights had me falling in love with photography.” 

She explained to me her thoughts on the importance of photography. “Photos are important to show the whole world what happens in certain places. They are the truth and the realness of that place in that moment in time. It can be dramatic such as: war, poverty or illness. It can also be beautiful, a moment of pure happiness such as a wedding. Regardless, photos collect the realness of life.” 

“What would my dream shooting be? It would be travelling the world! Visiting and even living in different places, with different cultures. Hopefully, also being able to participate. And in the end taking a few photos that would accurately recount the memories I made. It’s not simply going and seeing and taking a picture of that moment. Moreover, I’d rather experiment living in a certain situation. Perhaps even with some friends. And at the end, bring home a memory. I’d also be interested in documenting life. The normality of every day life, through interesting pictures.”


Her words are exposed within her photos. They’re real, they’re spontaneous, they’re honest. In our day and age, pictures have become so commonplace. Even the most basic picture between friends is staged. Yes, it is important to capture these moments and have them forever as memories. Yet, there is something special about true photography. So much so, that it should not be equated to the word picture. More accurately, with photography, photos are produced. In their real, truthful being at the time. Fortunately, here at Raissa Chineo we have a true photographer on our team. Can’t wait to see what she does next!

Madison Solow